Morris Architects Planners

Athenaeum Theatre

The Athenaeum opened in 1911 and was constructed by St. Alphonsus Church as a recreational center serving the local com-munity. The building featured a 1000-seat theater for German Operetta, a gymnasium, bowling alleys, music and meeting rooms. Over the years, meeting rooms gave way to classrooms and the theater became a temporary church in the early 1950ís after a devastating fire damaged the church. Today, the Athenaeum is once again fulf lling itís original purpose. Off ces and studio theaters now occupy former meeting room spaces and the 1000-seat theatre has been updated. Morris Architects Planners renovated many public areas of the building, including the main entrance, signage, lobby, elevators, restrooms, and converted a third floor office suite into a 260-seat proscenium theater.